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'This is my voice my weapon of choice.' - Grace Jones

Rome - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi

Record - Rome
Artist - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
Released - May 2011

Each track rolls seamlessly off the last on Rome making it a record like so many others, it must be taken in in one sitting. Which isn’t a difficult task at only 35 minutes in length. The wealth of experience that Daniele Luppi the Italian film composer brings to the table is undeniable. The interlude Morning Fog draws a vast atmosphere from a simplistic melody, a technique used so often in film scores. Luppi paired with Danger Mouse is a combination that can only result in a musical gem.


After his ground breaking grey album the mash up of The Beatles and Jay Z and the two records with bandmate Cee Lo Green as Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse can do no wrong. That is if we ignore his previous collaboration ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ with Sparklehorse which is ok, if your into an odd collection of indie songs that don’t sound great. Thankfully ‘Rome’ offers us more, so much more.

Rome allows Danger Mouse to showcase the magic of very minimalistic music with simple melodies and hidden textures to emphasis the strength of character in the voices of Norah Jones and Jack White. Both of which known to tamper with the subtleties in their voice to drastically change the feel of the song and add an edge to an otherwise over crafted sound. Credit to Norah Jones on this one for stepping into an entire different audience and proving that she can mix with some of the top musicians of today.


I’ve no fucking clue what the album is essentially about but i’m going to be bold and put it out there as best sound of 2011. 

Stand Out Tracks

  • Seasons Trees
  • Black
  • Problem Queen

The 88 Rating - 13 out of 15

Bed In.

Bed In.
The Kills - Metro Theatre Sydney - 26th July 2011

Coming off the April release of the fourth record Blood Pressures with band members Alison Mosshart (VV) recently touring as front woman with Jack White’s ‘The Dead Weather’ and Jamie Hince’s (Hotel) recent marriage to Kate Moss this is a Kills that are very much at the top of there game both in the media and musically.

The Kills

'Hello second night' whispers a very casual Mosshart as she walks on stage, Hince settles into his corner and does a few last minute tweaks before starting the backing drum loop for No Wow, a track off their second album of the same name. Stoked to hear a old classic they have the crowd in their palm by the first chorus.

Bashing out a couple of new tracks notably Future Starts Slow which gives Hince a chance to show off his unique playing style to the group of girls screaming up at him, which certainly doesn’t bother Mosshart as the other 95% of the crowd can’t keep their eyes off her as she works the stage and throws her body around in a way that would make any contortionist wince.

But the concert doesn’t hit full swing until we get the treat of DNA, Satellite and Tape Song back to back where Mosshart’s voice opens up, lets loose and gets the crowd going. They then slow things down a bit with a cover of a song called ‘One Silver Dollar’ which is introduced as something that they’ve never played before. It’s an old almost country style song which showcases Mosshart’s talent when she’s not totally rocking out and strips the Kills back to just guitar and vocals with no other effects (Still sounds amazing FYI)

They finish the set with Baby Says where we get to see Jamie Hince really showcase his skill on the guitar culminating with Hince standing at the front of the stage literally standing there bashing the guitar with his fist.

The Kills Camera

The encore was a surprisingly heartfelt rendition of The Last Goodbye that I could listen to forever. When Mosshart sings the line ‘can’t get by on an audience love’ looking out to the fans in the crowd clambering for a photo, I can’t help but think that this is The Kills at their best but perhaps we may not see them coming back to our shores again or at least not for quite some time.

Mosshart and Hince finish off the encore with a triple threat of an oldie Fried My Little Brains, the cool and dark Pots And Pans and the always delicious Sour Cherry off Midnight Boom. Leaving me feeling sufficiently rocked out although disappointed I didn’t get called back to Alison Mosshart’s dressing room.

Set List

  • No Wow
  • Future Starts Slow
  • Heart is a Beating Drum
  • Kissy Kissy
  • URA Fever
  • DNA
  • Satellite
  • Tape Song
  • One Silver Dollar
  • Baby Says


  • The Last Goodbye
  • Fried My Little Brains
  • Pots and Pans
  • Sour Cherry

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